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Using your keywords for the best results

Last update - Monday, August 1, 2011, 11:53 By Marcin Kulik

When you have your keywords optimised (see previous issue), now is the time to use them. Here are the five key places on your website where you can use your keywords.

This is the most important keyword placement on your website. The title tags are used by your web browser to display the title and description of your website - and are also used by Google in its search results.
You must use your target keywords here, but remember the current Google character limit is 70.

Website content
This is a very important place, usually forgotten, but it gives great opportunity to enrich your website with keywords. Make sure to use your keywords regularly throughout the text on your site.

This is another vital element of your website SEO. All internal links to pages within your site should be enriched with keywords, and you can use the title attribute of your link tags to reinforce this. For example, for a site selling paper towels, link the term ‘paper towels’ on your main page to the specific product page, and use the title attribute to say something like ‘Paper towels - buy online’.

Image tags have the very useful ‘alt’ attribute, which is used to display alternative content if image cannot load for some reason. But it’s also the perfect place to enrich your website with keywords in the same way as your links.

SEO-friendly links are very important part of your keyword optimisation. The name or title of your link should mirror the content of its page. For example, if a link leads to a page about a particular products, that product should be in the name of the link.

With all of that, you have to remember do not overload your website with keywords. A very common mistake is using the same word in one keyword group, such as ‘paper towels, paper, buy paper towels’ – the correct keywords should be ‘paper towels, buy’. Quality over quantity is always good rule to follow.
In the next issue of Metro Éireann I will show you how to use a blog with search engine optimisation.

Marcin Kulik is the owner of MK Design Studio, a creative web design agency based in Malahide Co Dublin.
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