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Aries -
‘I am’Now is a week to start things anew, for the stars echo the positive placement of fresh seeds and a nurturing opportunity to let deep desires blossom. Take care not to lock yourself into any agreements this week, as your judgement may be somewhat cloudy. Having the patience to discern the real motives of others is not a choice you will regret. Treat yourself to something new – it’s being earned.

Taurus -
This week your ability to communicate with others will be especially sharp, so take care with the words you share and the counsel you give to others, as they may not be as open to the harsh truth as you are. Be sure to spend time on your own; a bit of solitude will allow you to hear your own deeper voice and clear away the chaotic rattle of those around you. Great things can take effort – work.

Gemini -
Slow yourself down this week, as although a swift pace keeps you busy, it also keeps you occupied and away from facing a deeper truth. Quick answers are usually wrong, so think over your recent actions and stir out the deeper motives behind them. Sadly we can all be selfdestructive at times, but once you remember your worth, leaving the past behind will be an easier task. Allow your heart to blossom.

Cancer -
For the week ahead you should play by your intellect – not that your intuition is off par, but your heartstrings are easily played to the tune of others. Enjoy the unexpected attention thrown on you by an admiring other, but be sure to let them know where they stand, as there are few things as lonely as unrequited love. An old flame smoulders in the background, so be sure to shine all the brighter. Be direct.

Leo -
This is a week of cleaning out the old and embracing the new, and while that seems very inviting, you are in a way clinging onto the familiar. Facing some tough home truths will make you all the stronger, but don’t be afraid to get to the root of the issue. Family ties strengthen but be sure not to get caught up in the worries and complaints of others. The financial tide turns in your favour.

Virgo -
This week the focus rests on action rather then intention, for it’s not your past or future deeds that are in question, but the passion that burns for the moment. Clarify what you desire, make way for the plans of a new beginning and for once allow yourself the opportunity to truly shine. Softly spoken words serve you best this week, as only a gentle approach will open the ears of an important other.

Libra -
A fresh rush of creative energy will allow old situations and long-held problems to fall by the wayside. Be sure to act on intuitions, as such things guide you ever closer to the reality you crave. You may need to return to some old issues in order to gather together the strength to face something new. It’s worth the effort so don’t underestimate your potential, power and purpose.

Scorpio -
If you can make the radical shift in your approach to love and romance this week, you should be profoundly satisfied with the results. Tap into your practical and resourceful talents in order to persuade others that your way of thinking has many benefits that may have been overlooked. Financial challenges find a gentle solution. Take an easy pace, as Rome wasn’t built in a day. Trust the process.

Sagittarius -
Your playful nature will be incredibly beneficial for you in the week ahead, opening up doorways of opportunity you have in the past overlooked. The weekend brings with it a challenge, though thankfully the right person to help you is very confident in your ability and position – if only you’d ask for aid. This should be a week of fun, as long as you allow the opportunities to manifest.

Capricorn -
Try not to get upset if the actions of others disrupt your usual plans. It’s a passing phase, and by the end of the week life will have returned to normality. But the change offers up the opportunity for some unexpected beginnings – as long as you get out there and take the bull by the horns. Avoid routine when possible, as although it carries a sense of security, it keeps you from wild adventure!

Aquarius -
This week, when Venus moves in your favour, you can emerge from your self-imposed seclusion and prove yourself to be the free spirit you truly are. Right now, more than ever, you can mould your world into the shape of your choosing. Finding that others are unco-operative, you may feel particularly irritable. But relax and remember to take some leading strides, for you can do this alone.

Pisces -
Although frustrating, recent events were needed in order for things to move forward, and although you may not realise it yet, things can never be the same again. Rather then mourn any losses, realise how lucky you are to have the opportunity of such fresh freedom and new beginnings. Be sure to allow your heart to find its direction and your mind to clarify what it wants. The words of a friend are wise.

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