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IT Tips with Marcin Kulik - The many advantages of e-commerce for your business

Last update - Saturday, October 15, 2011, 10:02 By Marcin Kulik

In The past few years e-commerce – or online shopping – has become more and more popular, helping businesses attract loyal clients all over the world. In the current economic crisis, it shines as a reliable solution for business due to a number of key advantages.

The first of these is the shopping experience. With today’s busy lifestyles, a quick and easy shopping procedure away from crowded supermarkets will only convert more and more people to shopping online.
Good e-commerce is like having a shop open 24/7, but better. The best online shopping sites provide product information using rich media content like videos and high-quality images – marketing that’s hard to achieve in a traditional shop.
Another advantage is that e-commerce takes your business from the main street to an international audience, with few geographical limitations. You may quickly find out that your product becomes very popular on the other side of the globe.
Last but not least is the low running cost. Running an e-commerce site usually doesn’t require as many employees as a traditional shop, and rent is replaced with far cheaper web hosting charges.
All these advantages make e-commerce a very attractive option to any retailer who wants to grow his or her business. It allows one to make a very big step in a quick and cost-effective way, and if done right can prove very successful.
Find out what makes a good e-commerce website in the next edition of Metro Éireann.

Marcin Kulik is the owner of MK Design Studio, a creative web design agency based in Malahide Co Dublin.
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