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Tolu’s top tips for black skin beauty

Last update - Sunday, December 15, 2013, 18:16 By Tolu Omoyele

While I’ve worked with numerous talented makeup artists in my experience as an international fashion model, some of these artists often lack cross-cultural understanding when it comes to black or dark skin.

Once, a make-up artist used a foundation that was not only incompatible with my dark skin tone, it also left my face as white as a geisha! Not to mention it left me with spots and blemishes after the show.
Since that unfortunate episode I’ve learned to carry my own make-up toolkit with me at all times. Finding the right foundation was daunting at first – it took me almost a decade to find the perfect match for my skin tone. I now use Cocoa by Maybelline: it’s not too watery, not too thick, comes in a small pit and it’s the perfect cover for my skin!
It’s never been a better time for make-up, with such invocations as high-definition foundation and powder: once applied, it creates a flawless, picture-perfect image of you, as if you’ve been retouched for the pages of a fashion magazine.
Moreover, more and more make-up artists out there now how to deal with darker skin, and I’ve asked some of them to share their tips here. This time it’s make-up artist Marina Crean, who’s worked with the International Make Up Academy, Runway Models Academy and FashionPR Ireland, to name a few. Find her online at

My top beauty tip is looking after your skin: Your skin is your god – having good skin always makes your make up application easier and your sure to achieve a better result. Keeping it hydrated and nourished is so important. Also make sure to use primer; it’s a must-have in anyone’s make-up bag, as it helps your make-up last longer.
My favourite foundation is MAC Studio Fix Fluid: It’s my all time favourite, it’s great for nearly every skin type and it provides perfect coverage, leaving you looking flawless and giving you a glow.
My secret to flawless skin is all in the application:The use of a microfibre brush or kabuki brush allows for a smoother and more airbrushed look, giving the skin that flawless look and leaving you looking simply perfect.

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