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The boys are back in town for a samba spectacular

Last update - Monday, August 15, 2011, 19:39 By Metro Éireann

MaSamba dance and music troupe will put on a spectacular street pageant to celebrate the life and work of the late Thin Lizzy legend Phil Lynott on his birthday, Saturday 20 August.

Some 90 dancers and members of MaSamba will form a street pageant titled ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’ on Grafton Street in central Dublin, performing Thin Lizzy’s greatest hits.
The troupe’s incredible carnival costumes are currently being created in Sao Paolo, Brazil to represent different songs: Elvis outfits for ‘The King’, Celtic warriors for ‘Emerald’ and heavy metal leather jackets, electric guitars and more for ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’.
MaSamba creative director Simeon Smith said: “Twenty-five years after his death, Phil Lynott still holds a special place in the hearts of Dubliners, and we wanted to honour him and his work on the very streets that Phil once busked as a struggling musician.
“We promise a spectacular show that will have everyone dancing and singing along as we parade through the streets!”
The event will be a collaboration of several partners, with dancers coming from the Brazilian community along with young people from the Smithfield and Darndale areas of Dublin. Thin Lizzy tribute band Remembering Lizzy will also perform as part of the pageant.
The performance will set out at 6pm from South King Street outside the Gaiety Theatre, parading down and back up Grafton Street and finishing at the Phil Lynott statue on Harry Street.
Tom Coffey, CEO of the Dublin City Business Association, which is supporting the pageant, said: “The spirit of the local Dublin community spirit in music and the arts is an important element in civic society and also important in creating new attractions for tourists in Dublin. We are delighted to support the Boys Are Back In Town, which will bring the spirit of community and carnival to the city.”
MaSamba is funding the pageant, but needs additional help from the public to make sure it’s a success. Fellow Phil Lynott fans can help to fund the spectacular at (see

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