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Last update - Thursday, May 7, 2009, 00:38 By Anna Paluch

After a calm and somewhat boring Sunday afternoon spent in a pub armchair watching a football game, the following morning I headed for a job interview. Anyway, the position didn’t suit me after all, and brought two days of hoping for a miracle. On Wednesday morning I found myself completely worn out. Four months of hopeless searching for full-time employment, now a ticket home in my pocket and here we are.

And be surprised that I still dream of working in self-employment, even if it brings in little cash. It’s almost like St Augustine said once: love, and do what you want. And have no money. Until you risk an account overdraft. But that may not be so easy.
So here is my pitch to the bank: “Hi, I translate books from Irish and write some stuff for various papers that hardly allow me to pay my bills. Now I have an opportunity to start a business on my own but need €1,000 to get things going.” I wonder which bank would believe this.
Forgive my black humour. In a week’s time I may be lying in a hammock at the lakeside, 20 degrees in the sun, laptop on my knees, no irritating neighbours, at least not during the week. My cat will run free everywhere – a huge change for her from city life. It would take me an hour and a half of cycling to send the next Tekstmessage via e-mail, but I love bikes and the distance to the nearest town is not even worth mentioning.
Still, I hope for a permanent relevant job in Ireland. I’m glued to this country.
– Anna Paluch

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