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Remain committed to your goals, Obama

Last update - Sunday, May 15, 2011, 16:27 By Metro Éireann

President Obama, this special edition of Metro Éireann to commemorate your visit features contributions from people from different nationalities and varied backgrounds. Many of the articles are positive about you and your administration; others are very critical of major decisions you have made.

They also suggest you’re in a much better situation than any other leader to make the world a better place for everyone, not only the American people.
The world has high expectations of what you should do to promote true democracy, and what your role should be in global politics and relations. Positive change in the Middle East, the Arab/Muslim world and in Africa could be your legacy. Our columnists Ronit Lentin, Barbara Filaih and Son Gyoh have useful suggestions on how you can make progress on those fronts.
Our columnist Charles Lafitteau, a long-time Republican, has a road map for your re-election bid in 2012. Long before the Democratic primaries in 2008, Lafitteau was clear on how you would clinch the nomination and defeat your Republican opponent. He was right.
On the minds of many Irish people with relations living undocumented in the US is how you could change their lives by legalising their status. We believe the Irish Government would likely bring this up, too. It would be an opportunity for you to remind them to treat the non-Irish here as they wish the US to treat their own.
Finally, in the words of our Irish columnist Siún Ní Dhuinn, who has included a few Irish phrases you could learn and use here, we urge you: Ná cailligí an misneach! Don’t lose faith!

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