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New UK laws could see surge in trafficking in Ireland, warns ICI

Last update - Thursday, April 8, 2010, 13:09 By Metro Éireann

A SURGE IN trafficking of women and girls into Ireland’s sex industry could be the unwanted result of new UK legislation, the Immigrant Council of Ireland (ICI) has warned Under UK laws, which also apply in the North, men who pay for sex with women coerced into providing it cannot plead ignorance and could face a fine of up to L1,000 and a criminal record.

The moves are aimed at curbing prostitution and human trafficking.
However, ICI chief executive Denise Charlton has raised concerns that this crackdown will only encourage the traffickers to move south of the border.
She commented: “Our concern now is that, as our nearest neighbour’s government introduces tough new measures to combat the exploitation of women there, the Irish sex industry will expand and more women and girls will be sexually exploited for profit here.”
Charlton said similar consequences were felt in Norway ten years ago after Sweden introduced legislation criminalising the purchase of sexual services. Norway then introduced similar measures in response.
In Ireland, human trafficking legislation provides for the criminalisation of the purchase of sexual services from trafficked individuals. However, it allows for a defence whereby the purchaser can prove that he did not know the individual was trafficked.
Furthermore, the definition of a “trafficked person” may require a successful trafficking conviction before any user is convicted in relation to the act of “purchase”, say the ICI.
Under sexual offence legislation, soliciting or importuning another person in a public place for the purpose of prostitution is illegal.

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