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Delta State Governor Dr Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan awarded 2013 International Outstanding Leadership Award

Last update - Thursday, December 19, 2013, 00:50 By Metro Éireann

The Governor of Delta State in Nigeria, His Excellency Dr Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan, has been awarded the 2013 International Outstanding Leadership Award by Metro Éireann, Ireland's leading and only multicultural newspaper. He will receive the award on Saturday 18 January in Dublin, Ireland.

The Governor will also participate in the Mini-Investment Summit for Delta State that will also take place in Ireland.

Governor Uduaghan has been selected as this year’s recipient in recognition of his visionary leadership, and the impressive impact that his work has had on the lives of men, women and children in Delta State since he became governor in May 2007.

Metro Éireann highlighted in particular the sense of belonging and hope for the future that he has given people in the state, and the important restoration of confidence in peace and leadership.

It also pointed to Governor Uduaghan’s three-point programme of Peace and Security, Human Capital Development and Infrastructural Development. The impact of this has been seen in the development of infrastructure in education, agriculture, sports and health, as well as the ongoing job-creation efforts in the state through huge investments in modern airports, industrial parks and sea ports.

The International Outstanding Leadership Award aims to promote leadership among Africans across the world by recognising visionaries and achievers in different areas of life. The award acknowledges and celebrates the indispensable contributions of Africans to the advancement of change on the international stage, their vital role in global development and their importance to the economy and society of the African continent and the international community.

The Mini-Investment Summit for Nigerian and Irish businesspeople, to be held alongside the award ceremony, aims to increase knowledge of Delta State among the international community and provide a forum for Nigerian and Irish businesspeople interested in investing in Delta State.

Metro Éireann is organising this event in conjunction with Kingdom Media Ireland (Kingdom Media Network Inc Nigeria).

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