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Citizenship is a boost to Govt by €14m

Last update - Monday, July 15, 2013, 16:43 By Metro Éireann

Government revenues this year are expected to be boosted by €14m from naturalisation fees, it has emerged.

In a statement to Metro Éireann, the Department of Justice estimated income from both citizenship and long-term residency fees in 2013 is €13.997m. Justice did not provide a breakdown of the numbers or backgrounds of immigrants who would be making the payments, which comprise fees of €175 for the naturalisation application and €950 for the naturalisation certificate.

Since becoming Minster for Justice in 2011, Alan Shatter said he has made 55,000 decisions on naturalisation. 

“The number of applications refused... for the period since the minister came to office is less than 900,” the department told Metro Éireann.

However, that number of refusals increases to nearly 4,900 when including applications made by members of one section of the migrant community based on “inaccurate and misleading information” concerning parents of Irish-born children who mistakenly thought they qualified for citizenship.

Meanwhile, in response to the new figures, the Immigrant Council of Ireland (ICI) has urged the Government to put the money towards making services for immigrants more efficient.

“Any excess money generated by the immigration service through fees should be re-invested to ensure improvements in services and reduced waiting times,” said a spokesperson.


“The ICI has long campaigned for a modern, efficient and transparent service with an independent appeals process where the focus is solely on meeting people’s needs rather generating profits.”

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