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Book Review by Ifedinma Dimbo

Last update - Friday, June 15, 2012, 02:03 By Metro Éireann

He Gave Me Comfort By Eyum Ocheola-Oki (Kingdom Media Ministries)

“He will not allow the temptation to be more than I can stand. When I am tempted, He will show me a way out so that I can endure.” That quote from He Gave Me Comfort feels like the appropriate springboard from which to launch this review. We humans are constantly besieged by problems, being buffeted into disempowering positions at one point or another, but as many times as we are visited by problems, we overcome them.
However, sometimes some of us encounter problems that appear insurmountable. It’s at this point that the quote above becomes relevant, because according to the author Eyum Ocheola-Oki, our all-knowing Father in heaven, who knew us even before we were formed in our mother’s womb, is with us and so will not allow what is bigger than us to besiege us.
Writing from personal experience, Ocheola-Oki tells us that it is at such low points in our lives that we should look up to God for comfort; that we should strengthen our faith and heighten our belief with the word of God, because it is only then that our miracle comes. Throughout the book she delineates step-by-step how to access God’s comfort as we look for solutions to our problems. It’s needless to say that one’s belief in God becomes very vital.
Readers may think at this point, like I did, that it all seems too easy to say. We are a generation of impatient people, and we won’t have time to wait for miracles. But knowing this, Ocheola-Oki suggests activities that will keep us busy while we wait. From wiping away our tears to get on with things, and ensuring we are continually in the presence of the Lord, these are activities that will ultimately lend their strength towards the easing of our problems.
Ocheola-Oki also leads us through problems suffered by others, and what they did to overcome. To be fair, some of these concerns did not disappear completely, but the circumstances of the sufferer certainly changed for the better. This part of the book really works to keep ones hope constantly alive.
There are numerous self-help books out there, but it’s more poignant, more reflective and thus more meaningful to readers when a book is written within the space of suffering. It is incredible that Ocheola-Oki, in the midst of such tribulations, still raised her head up to see that other people out there were suffering as she was, and extended her love with her proactive writings.
I believe that there should always be a purpose to what we do in life, and it becomes even more meaningful when we bring God into the equation, because He can make those impossibilities in life possible.
Ocheola-Oki referw to a passage in the Bible that says God’s plans for all his children are always for good, and that if we obey, believe, and have faith, there is no reason why we should not reap God’s blessings in the land of the living.
I say Amen to that.

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