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Becoming Unforgettable

Last update - Friday, March 29, 2013, 13:06 By Metro Éireann

Jost Blasberg reviews "Becoming Unforgettable" by Ebun Akpoveta.

Already a motivational speaker, columnist, PhD student at the UCD School of Social Justice and the founder of the Unforgettable Women's Network, Nigerian-born Ebun Akpoveta has recently published her first book, Becoming Unforgettable: Uncovering the Essence of the Woman.

The book discusses the 12 essential qualities she believes any woman must acquire to become truly ‘unforgettable’, which basically means leading a better life in every aspect while remaining individual, decisive and caring at the same time.

Akpoveta devotes a chapter each to these different qualities, while also dealing with a basic understanding of equality (not only regarding gender) and speaks about how seeing, understanding and valuing yourself can change the way others see you and the way decisions and purpose can influence your life positively.

A recurring motif in the text is that ‘not making a decision is a decision in itself’. In different chapters Akpoveta posits this in different ways, such as not speaking up, not doing anything to change your situation, or giving up on yourself.

For the writer, making a conclusive decision to change something about your life is the most important part of this book. Underlined with mostly Biblical quotes, all carefully referenced at the end of the book, Akpoveta also tries to give easy-to-understand examples from everyday life, modern politics and even a short story, giving the sometimes one-sided ideology a better frame of neutrality and adding some interesting colour.

Overall, Becoming Unforgettable gives a very interesting and experienced view on the life, thoughts and problems of the modern woman. While conclusive in its ideology, the book is not directed to every woman, but is rather supposed to help those who on the one hand are stuck and can't get out on their own, and on the other want to be helped and finally make a change.

As the book does speak about important topics and aspects many of us – men just as much as women – have experienced or are experiencing in their lives, it is not a book trying to tell you what to do. Rather, it wants to be a stone starting an avalanche “transforming society one woman at a time”.

Setting aside the odd spelling mistake and the at times repetitive ideas and sentences, you will find a very well thought-out book written by a woman, wife, student and parent who is easy to identify with.

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