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A mother’s work is never done

Last update - Thursday, March 1, 2012, 15:04 By Metro Éireann

Pastor Caroline Adebayo-Oke RCCG Jesus Centre, Dublin 12

Everyone in the world can share at least one thing: we were all once in our mother’s womb. The king or queen on the throne, the prisoner behind bars, the homeless drug addict, the abused child, the victims of domestic violence, the victims of human trafficking and prostitution, the bookworm, the company executive, the first-class students – every one of us.
The womb epitomises motherhood; it stands for protection, nourishment and even teaching. There is the story of Gertrude Hartley, while awaiting the birth of her child in Darjeeling, who spent 15 minutes every morning gazing at the Himalayas in the belief that their astonishing beauty would be passed along to her unborn child – who grew up to be actress Vivienne Leigh, Perhaps it was so: many studies show that reading, singing or talking to a baby in the womb can help develop their speech, among other benefits.
It’s virtually impossible for a pregnant woman to forget the child in her womb. And this womb effect is supposed to continue until we take our last breath. It is a lifetime assignment – no sleeping on the job allowed!
The Bible tells us of the person who sowed good seed in his field, but when he fell asleep an enemy came and sowed tares, or weeds, on his land (Mathew 13:24). Such slumber can be likened to turning a blind eye and deaf ear to our children’s spiritual, social, mental or physical wellbeing – that is, not being in tune with our children’s lives.
Tares in modern day parlance would be that friend whose presence in your child’s life is a threat to all you have taught your child, threatening to squeeze the life out of your child.
So don’t just stop at planting the good seed – you must watch, watch, watch and don’t fall asleep! Don’t leave them to their own devices, for a child left to himself brings shame to his mother (Proverbs 29:15).
Every child is a good seed, destined to be great by fulfilling their destiny. The mother of US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was so certain of his future accomplishments that she saved (and documented for posterity) all of his baby clothes and schoolbooks!
Roosevelt once remarked that he had never left his mother’s house without her calling after him: “Franklin! Are you sure you’re dressed warmly enough?”
Susannah Wesley would often spend a whole day praying over each of her children, who ended up being the founding priests of the Methodist Church.
To her absent husband, Susannah wrote: “I am a woman, but I am also the mistress of a large family. And though the superior charge of the souls contained in it lies upon you, yet in your long absence I cannot but look upon every soul you leave under my charge as a talent committed to me under a trust. I am neither a man nor a minister, yet as a mother and a mistress I felt I ought to do more than I had yet done. I resolved to begin with my own children.”
Mothers are indeed God’s greatest blessing to humanity. When we are young, our lives revolve around them; we look to them for protection, to soothe wounds with their kisses and hugs. When we need anything we call for our mothers, especially when we are young.
We can never really express our gratitude to our mothers for all they have done and continue to do for us. They worry more about our examinations than we do, bear the pain we may experience, go to great lengths to help us complete our projects, pray us into our destiny, worry over us, complain when we lose weight, when we put on weight… the list goes on!
To the world’s mothers, may the Almighty reward all your labour of love. You will not sorrow any more over any of your children neither will you bury any of them. May the Almighty grant you great grace, wisdom and help in time of need in Jesus’ name.
Mary’s womb spoke (Jesus) and the world was saved; Hannah’s womb spoke (Samuel) and a whole nation obeyed; Bethsheba’s womb spoke (Solomon) and kings and queens listened. What impact will your womb make on society?

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